Rivalries: Bayern VS Dortmund

One of the most interesting football meetings each time becomes the confrontation of Bayern and Borussia. Both teams show attacking football, playing from defense is not the strength of both clubs. And those and others have their own important tasks. Therefore, we should expect only an uncompromising and bright football. Since the teams are attacking, you need to wait for goals. They will play at home – this is an important factor. In addition, Bayern is now replaced by a coach, and in the winter break came the former steering Dortmund Borussia Peter Bosch. Under him, Bayer has already performed well in friendly matches.

One of the interesting facts in the entire history of Bayern VS Dortmund: Bayer, scoring the fastest goal in the championship of Germany, beat Borussia

In the match of the first round of the championship of Germany in 2013, Dortmund Borussia lost to Bayern in their field. Bayer beat Borussia 2-0. The central match of the first round of the German Bundesliga was the confrontation between Borussia D and Bayern. The first goal of the match was scored by a team from Leverkusen already at 7 seconds of the meeting. Having spread the ball in the center of the field, Bayern footballers launched a lightning attack, which ended in a blow to Karim Belarabi in the fall to the bottom corner.

This goal was the fastest in the history of the championship in Germany. After a missed goal, Borussia tried to recoup, but the wards of Jürgen Klopp, conducting most of their attacks in the center, did not create anything dangerous at the Bayern Gate. In turn, the team from Leverkusen did not close in defense and even created a couple of dangerous moments before the break. The second half was for the players of Borussia, who began to attack more on the flanks. But Marco Reuss shot from the left flank and Obameyang from the right fought with the opponent’s defense. A truly dangerous moment, which could have ended with a Bayer goal, occurred in the 83rd minute. After a corner kick by the Dortmund players, Ginter strongly punched Bayer’s head, but goalkeeper Bernd Leno parried the blow in an incredible jump. The point in the match was put by Stefan Kissling, who, after an accurate pass to Belarabi, went 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper and struck the goal exactly. The outcome of the meeting Borussia D – Bayern – 0: 2.

The first match of the season 2019

Bayern took the match of the 18th round of the Bundesliga championship season 2018/19. At the Bai-Arena stadium, Bayer football club held the first fight in 2019 against Borussia Monchengladbach. The start of the new season, Bayern frankly failed – three defeats in a row: “Borussia Monchengladbach” (0: 2), “Wolfsburg” (1: 3) and “Bavaria” (1: 3). Then Bayern got two victories in a row and rose from the basement of the standings. In the ninth round, the lions defeated Werder Bremen (6: 2), and in the last four matches the hosts got three victories, and in the last match of the last year beat Gert (3: 1) and begin 2019 in ninth place in the table. In the Europa League, the “pharmacists” scored ten points and took first place, securing the way out to the spring part of the European Cup.

Borussia completed the last Bundesliga championship in ninth position, gaining 47 points. The first half of the season, “foals” began with two wins and one draw – at the start of the season, Bayern (2: 0) and Schalke (2: 1) were beaten. In the sixth round, “black-white-green” unexpectedly beat the champion – Bavaria, and in the last five games the hosts got seven points and, losing to the teammates from Dortmund (1: 2) in the last round, start in third place. Full-time duel of the first round ended in favor of Borussia (2: 0).

For Dortmund it is time to get out of the crisis otherwise Bavaria in the near future will overtake the “black-yellow” in the table, without waiting for a full-time meeting. The “pharmacists” under Boche noticeably added, however, no one knows how to resist Leverkusen correctly. The central match of the twenty-third round of the German Bundesliga was held in Dortmund. It was the last match between two teams that have been rivals for many years. Visually, it seems that opponents approach the upcoming game in a different tone. However, it was possible to find out whether this was so after the end of the battle. Let’s talk about this match.

Borussia: will the bumblebees cut off a series of failures?

As February began, Borussia Dortmund stopped winning. After the defeat of “Hannover” three draws and two defeats, including the departure from the German Cup from the “Bremen” and the loss of 0: 3 to “Tottenham” in the first match of the 1/8 Champions League final.

The history of football knows wagering and after larger defeats than 0: 3. However, it is hard to believe that the team, which was not yet fully created by Favre, will be able to destroy the Pochettino car at Sigral-Iduna-Park. There is no doubt that the “bumblebees” will do everything possible to take revenge on the “spurs” and to please the assembled public. But, the Champions League is now in the background for Dortmund, all the efforts of the “black and yellow” will be aimed at the successful completion of the current Bundesliga championship.

After three consecutive draws in the championship, “Bavaria” approached the “Borussia” at a distance of three points, and there is still a personal meeting in Munich ahead. “Black and yellow” is very important to interrupt the negative series. The victory over such a strong rival, as Bayer, will give the Bumblebees the necessary confidence for the future.

Bayern: only three days to rest

The Apothecaries unexpectedly flew out of the Europa League, tied twice to Krasnodar and missed the bulls in the 1/8 final due to a goal missed in their field. We do not think that the “pharmacists” intend to “merge” in this confrontation. However, Bayern played a difficult match on Thursday, which ended negatively, hardly in the plus. In the fall, the “pharmacists” lost a lot of points after the matches in the European Cup, though it was still under Herrlich.

Well, do not forget that Bosch and Borussia have a not very pleasant joint history. It is hardly worth blaming the club, at the time prematurely left the Dutchman. However, Peter Bosch probably wants to beat the “bumblebees”, and even take revenge at Signal-Iduna-Park, so to speak.

Borussia caught a protracted decline, as the team does not understand the taste of victory for 5 matches. It all started with a trip to Frankfurt, Eintracht and Dortmund exchanged goals and the match ended 1: 1. After that, within the framework of the German Cup, bumblebees on their background made a shooting with Bremen 3: 3, on the penalty spot Werder knocked out the owners from the Cup. This was followed by another super result draw against his background. Borussia led 3-0 but Hoffenheim for 20 min. before the end of the meeting was able to equalize the score. Following this, the bumblebees failed the away fight in the Champions League. Tottenham defeated the yellow-black 3: 0. For 3 matches, Lorymund missed as many as 9 goals. And on the last first day of the week, it seemed that the championship favorite would finally win a long-awaited victory in front of the outsider of the Bundesliga Nuremberg, but here the draw was 0: 0

Bayern counterpart turned out to be a very favorable segment. Leverkusen won 4 wins in order in the Bundesliga, in which the number of defeated Bavaria 3: 1. Borussia did not lose six rounds in a row, having tied the last 3 matches. In his field, the Dortmund club has not lost 11 matches, having won in 9 matches, in which the “bumblebees” hit the opponent’s goal at least twice.

The team Lucien Favra missed in 9 of the last 11 home games in the Bundesliga. In 4 of 6 last personal meetings between the teams played in Dortmund, the victory was celebrated by the players of Borussia. Bayern won 6 of 7 last matches in the Bundesliga. Wards of Peter Bos play 8 halves in a row without any draws. “Pharmacists” won only one match against Borussia from the last 8 in-person meetings in the Bundesliga. Defender Lukasz Piszczek (problems with the heel) and striker Marco Reus (hamstring injury) will not play in the match. The total over 2.5 bet was played 13 times in the last 14 home matches of Borussia and 6 times in the last 7 away games of Bayer in the Bundesliga.

Personal meetings:

  • 55 matches – 21 bumblebee victories, 15 draws and 19 pharmacist wins.
  • The goal difference is 83:77.

Forecast for future games

Borussia is in decline, Bayern same counterpart at full speed. In the event that the owners manage to win, then it literally will not become over-confident, but in the current form, Bayer, as the minimum number, is able to play a draw.

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